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安利(香港)45週年的盛典即將來臨,萬眾期待的美國.阿拉斯加郵輪之旅擬定於2019年6月9日至6月16日隆重舉行(出發及回程日期則視乎航班安排)。安利(香港)現正積極地展開各項準備工作,為確保有充足的機位及完善的住宿安排,請填妥此網上意向書。如 閣下未能於2018年9月9日 (星期日)期限前遞交,將會被視作選擇不出席是次領導海外研討會。

是次研討會除了讓 閣下盡情享受不一樣的安利旅遊樂趣,更可與其他成績彪炳的直銷商聚首一堂,分享業務經驗,從中吸取更豐富的專業知識和心得。為了讓直銷商能與摯愛家人一同分享安利事業的卓越成績,共慶光輝時刻,安利(香港)將作出特別安排,讓合資格(包括特別出席資格)出席是次領導海外研討會的直銷商攜同親屬同行,一起乘坐星級郵輪近距離欣賞氣勢磅礴的冰川,創造難忘體驗。(家人同行計劃及特別出席資格等詳情請參閱附件)

如有任何查詢,請致電2316 1689聯絡安達旅運有限公司李小姐(Wing)或致電2969 6322與業務部節目統籌主任鄭小姐(Minna)聯絡。請注意,此網上意向書只作統計及行程安排之用,正式邀請函將會2017/2018財政年度的業績報告完成及出席資格被核實後發出。

2019 Amway Leadership Seminar – Alaska Cruise

Letter of Intent

The 45th Anniversary of Amway Hong Kong is approaching, and Amway Hong Kong is actively preparing for the Amway Leadership Seminar – Alaska Cruises, which is scheduled to be held from June 9 to 16, 2019 (departure and return dates depending on flight arrangement). To ensure that there are sufficient seats and accommodation, please complete this online Letter of Intent. If you are not available to submit it before the deadline on September 9, 2018 (Sunday), you will be considered as not attending this Leadership Seminar.

In addition to allowing you enjoy the extraordinary Amway travel pleasures, meet with other leaders to share business experience and gain more professional knowledge who are attending the Leadership Seminar can bring along their family members to share the joy of their successful Amway business, Amway Hong Kong has made a special arrangement to allow Qualified Distributors (including those who met Special Qualifications) to attend the Leadership Seminar with their family members, and enjoy the majestic glaciers on a five-star cruise for an unforgettable experience.( Please refer to the attachment for details of family travel program and special qualification).

For any enquiries, please contact Lotus Tours, Ms. Wing Lee at 2316 1689 or our Sales Event Officer, Ms. Minna Cheng, at 2969 6322. Please note that this online Letter of Intent is for statistical purpose and travel arrangements only. The official invitation letter will be issued after the completion of the performance report of the 2017/2018 financial year and after the qualification of attendance is verified.

Family travel program and special qualification